If you are fortunate enough to receive a Moose Permit from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife,  Katahdin Valley Outfitters will make every effort to ensure your hunt is a complete success.  We are in close proximity to Moose Hunting Districts 10, 11 & 5.  We also hunt the Northern Zones 1 & 2 as an outpost camp. We have the equipment and the expertise to make your trophy of a lifetime a reality. Katahdin Valley Outfitters is in the woods for months before moose season doing pre-season scouting. When you arrive at our lodge, we will surely be able to pinpoint where the big moose are.  You will see numerous moose and other wildlife, so make sure your phone or camera is fully charged.  After you harvest your moose, we will remove it from the woods, and take it to the butcher for your choice of processing.  


For more information on the Moose Lottery Click Here to visit the Maine Department of Inland Fishery and Wildlife.

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