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The folks at Katahdin Valley Outfitters and the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council are asking for your help.
You may not be aware that hunting in Maine is currently under attack. National animal right groups are working to place a ballot issue before the voters in 2014 that would ban the most effective means of bear hunting in our state.
Maine's wildlife biologists oppose this ban because they are concerned with maintaining a good balance of bears to prevent damage to other wildlife and conflicts with people. The groups behind the ban oppose ALL hunting, and have spent millions of dollars trying to ban bear hunting, moose hunting, bow hunting, morning dove hunting, youth hunts and more. They see banning the bear hunts as a first step, and will likely return to Maine if they win as they have done in other states.
Maine sportsman and woman realize this, and have created the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council to set the record straight, and to educate voters in Maine about how wildlife is managed with sound science by professionals at the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
To win, the Council must raise more then $3 million in the next eleven months. To do this Outfitters like us, Maine hunters, sportsman clubs, sporting good businesses and more are being asked  to share the burden. That is why this letter to you. Your contribution will help us raise the war chest to defend the future of Maine's hunting.
We are not asking you to do something we ourselves are not doing. The Katahdin Valley Outfitters have already pledged the proceeds of more then one bear hunt to this worthy cause. While I am uncomfortable asking for money, we would all hate it far more to lose Maine's rich hunting heritage.
For more information feel free to call the Katahdin Valley Outfitters at 207-365-4318. To donate please send what you can to: Maine Wildlife Conservation Council at 205 Church Hill Rd. Augusta, Maine 04330. You may contribute online: www.savemainesbearhunt.com/paypal or by phone, call Becky Morrell at 207-623-4589.
James Cote-Campaign Manager, mobile (207) 860-6600  Email: jmcotecompany@gmail.com
Rob Sexton-Fundraising Consultant, mobile (614) 531-4426   Email: roberttsexton@gmail.com
I sincerely thank you, Stephen J. Nissley, Katahdin Valley Outfitters