Sled Dog Adventures

Katahdin Valley Outfitters offer a Sled Dog Adventure tailored for every person.  With our good snow conditions, our Sled Dog Adventures run from January 1 through the end of March.  You will
receive Sled Dog instructions before your departure on each adventure. You will want to dress WARM.  We would recommend that you dress in layers. Warm foot wear is essential! We recommend a warm parka with a hood and warm mittens.  You will be riding on scenic trails through the North Maine Woods. It is not uncommon to see wildlife on the trail like the elusive Pine Martin, Fisher Cat or even an Otter out on the snow. Many times Deer show up and even on occasion a Moose.


Please call for availability and snow conditions 207 365 4318

Be aware these trips can be during intense weather conditions. Be prepared with warm layered clothing. Warm boots and mittens and face coverings are essential.