The success rate with the Maine Whitetail Deer at Katahdin Valley Outfitters is well known. For years we have consistently enjoyed a better than 50% kill on Big Whitetail Bucks on our guided hunts. As with bear, the deer feeding range will change from year to year depending on weather conditions. When you hire a Katahdin Outfitter Guide you are not getting just a 6 day hunt. You are reaping the benefits of our search for big deer that started right after the deer left the deer yard in the Spring. We offer two packages for Whitetail deer:

1.   Semi Guided, This includes lodging, meals and the opportunity to hunt with the Nissley family for 6 days as they pursue the elusive Whitetail.

2.   Fully Guided, This includes lodging, meals and one  guide for every two hunters for a 6 day hunt. You will be hunting a traditional “North Maine Woods Whitetail Deer Hunt”. Your guide will hunt with you for you all day and every day. You will periodically “boil the kettle” for a warm up and enjoy a traditional hot lunch cooked in the woods. 
 (NC Hunter's deer, guided by the Nissley's) 


For seasons, licenses and Whitetail information visit: Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
To buy your licenses online visit: MOSES (Maine Online Sportsmans Electronic System)
What you can expect to see in some of our hunting areas. Hunting with Katahdin Valley Outfitters will put you in areas where this sight is a possibility. We offer Deer Hunts in areas that we have personally hand picked to not only produce Bucks but have the capability to produce BIG Bucks.
One of the Nissley Boy's Bucks
  Jim's nice 8 pointer
                                                                                Nice one in Black Powder Season
Andy and Dad
One Steve took behind the house
Jim and his 228 lb dressed 10 pointer