At Katahdin Valley Outfitters there is no animal problem, there is a people problem. We are seeing less and less young people hunting. There is not only the anti hunting philosophy promoted in our public schools and TV shows but many over priced lodges making hunting trips difficult for the young person. We offer a ½ price hunt to any young person with a junior license. We also try to make your hunt more affordable by offering terms for your hunt. Pay a few dollars a month and when your hunting season comes around you are all paid. We would like to see more hunters enjoy the Great North Woods of Maine and the opportunity to hunt it's diverse wildlife.

  1. Katahdin Valley Outfitters do not offer “do it yourself hunts”, our hunters trust our experience for their success.

  2. There are NO hidden costs at Katahdin Valley Outfitters.

  3. We do not compete with any other lodge for our bait area.

      4. We hunt 44,000 acres of commercial ground exclusively.
    5. We are fully licensed and insured.
    6. We do all our own work and the only thing you pay is the price of your hunt.
    7. At Katahdin Valley Outfitters we transport you to your bait site, retrieve your trophy, skin, cut prepare it for the  
        taxidermist and freeze it for the trip home at no cost to you.

Thank you for considering Katahdin Valley Outfitters, we appreciate your business.


SEND PAYMENT TO:  Katahdin Valley Outfitters

                                     591 Island Falls Rd.

                                     Sherman, Maine 04776

Questions?  e-mail me,

Bear Hunt :  2017season starts the last Monday in August.

Bear Hunt over active bear sites:               $1595.00
                                                                       $500.00 Deposit Required at Booking

DEER HUNT:           
Semi Guided                                               $600.00 
                                                                      $200.00  Deposit Required at Booking

Fully Guided                                                $1295.00
                                                                      $500.00 Deposit Required at Booking
 MOOSE  HUNT:             $2495.00   (2 hunters)    $500.00 down at time of booking
*Price includes Meals,  Transportation, Lodging and **Guide Service**
We hunt zones 5,6,10 and 11 from the Camp and zones 1,2 and 3 from an Out Post site.
November "COW" also includes unguided deer hunting, $1500.00, $500.00 at time of booking. 
Guide Fee: $900.00
Non hunter price for any hunt is $500.00
Big Game Hunting License (allows use of firearm OR bow for bear.
Note: In addition, Crossbow hunters must also purchase a Crossbow License - Click here for details about the Cross-bow license)
Bear Hunting Permit
Note: Both the Big Game License and Bear Permit are required for Bear Hunting over bait.
Archery Big Game Hunting License
(Bowhunters Only - if hunting ONLY with a bow and no firearms will be used, then you only need this Archery License plus the Bear Permit. You do not need the regular Big Game License.
Note: In addition, Crossbow hunters must also purchase a Crossbow License - Click here for details about the Cross-bow license)
Crossbow Hunting License (Additional requirement for all hunters who plan to use a crossbow)
Note: Crossbow hunters must purchase a Crossbow License in addition to the Big Game or Archery Big Game Licenses - Click here for details about the Cross-bow license)
Moose Hunting Permit (in addition to Big Game or Archery Big Game License)$585.00
Small Game Hunting License$74.00
Small Game Hunting License - 3 day$49.00
Fishing License - 1 day$11.00
Fishing License - 3 day$23.00
Fishing License - 7 day$43.00
License Fees above do not include a $2 agent fee.
A previous or current hunting license from your home state or country
is required in order to obtain your Maine Hunting License.
Click here to buy a State of Maine Hunting hunting and fishing license on line

Here are name of some of the folks we have had the privilege of hunting with at Katahdin Valley Outfitters. If interested in getting in touch with any of these folks call and we will give you their number.


Paul King, Apollo PA.

Don Hoysradt, Copake NY.

David Propst, Verona VA.

Greg Pulling, New Kent VA.

Ronald Hitibidal, Raleigh IL.

Daniel Dyo, Santa Clara CA.

Darren and Sherri Martin, Driven TV

Adam Jarrell, Terrell TX.

Robert Wekheiser, Saylorsburg PA.

Robert Eichelberger, Airville PA.

Ronald Wekheiser, Hellertown PA.

Jim Pulling, New Kent VA.

Loren Hixon, Sarasota FL.

Lee Hixon, Auburn ME.

Dr Randy Taylor, West Union WV.

Evangelist Doug Sehorne, Lancaster SC.

Glen Cline, Scio NY

Bruce Irish, Riverside CT

Ernest Kauffman, Houlton ME

Nathan Yoder, OH